What does it cost? 
Unless noted otherwise in the class schedules, the costs are as follows: ACT Prep Class  $90 


What is the mailing address for HEM Test Prep? 
Vickie Lockett

6520 Happy Hollow Rd,  

Trussville, AL 35173


What should I bring to class? 

A few No. 2 Pencils and a hand-held calculator are all that is necessary. The list of approved calculators can be found on the test website. You can also bring something to drink as long as it is in a re-sealable plastic container.  HEM ACT Prep will provide all study guides, worksheets, and practice test materials. 



@ 9:00am

AUG 11

@ 9:00am

AUG 18

@ 9:00am

AUG 25

@ 9:00am


There are 60 multiple choice questions. The test is 60 minutes long. It consists of Algebra 1 and 2, geometry, and trigonometry based problems. Prepare in such a way that you can answer the first 30 questions correctly. Answer all the easy questions first, and circle the hard questions so that you can go back to them later. Go through the test as quickly as possible-the more questions you can answer, the points you can earn. Write down key information from the story problems so that you won’t have to waste time by reading it over and over again.



There are 40 multiple choice questions. The test is 35 minutes long. It consists of four different types of passages(prose /narrative, social studies, humanities, and natural sciences) Spend no more than 8 minutes and 30 seconds on each of the 4 reading sections or spend 9 minutes and 30 seconds on the first three questions and spend 6 minutes and 30 seconds on the last section-find what works best for you. Read the story first (shouldn’t take longer than 3 minutes and 30 seconds) and underline things like main characters and events/dates. Keep the following in mind:
Who is the speaker? What perspective is the story being told from? What tense is the story in? What is
the theme? What is the goal of the passage?

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Science-There are 40 multiple choice questions and 7 individual sections. This test is 35 minutes long. It consists of graphs, charts, tables, and research summaries. This section does not require you to actually have knowledge about science. It is another reading comprehension section, so they are wanting to see if you can read and infer from charts and graphs. Do not read the passages above the graphs and charts; only glance at the graphs and charts (this should take no more than 15 seconds) Only read the sections of scientists’ research and their conflicting views. Count the number of questions and spend one minute less than the number of those questions on each of the 7 sections. (Example: If one section has 6 questions, spend no more than 5 minutes on that particular section). Pay close attention to what the question is asking you for most of the questions are simpler than you think.

Note: it is imperative that you finish the science section. It is typically considered the hardest section, so work quickly and answer all of the questions. This test is placed at the end because it takes endurance toperform well on it. With that in mind, stay focused and don’t get lazy.

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