The HEM has held ACT PREP classes since May 2014. We offer our classes on our church Campus for your convenience and we are here to serve our community.
     We have the best instructors who have proven to give test-taking strategies combined with a mock practice test to boost students test scores. We have consistently experienced our students increase their score on average of 2-3 points overall.

We Can Make It Happen

Watch ACT Scores Go Up and Stress Come Down

     Your teen has big college dreams, but the competition to get into the best universities is fierce! If your teen’s ACT scores aren’t where they should be, your teen gets test day anxiety or you simply want to make the best impression with college admission teams, turn to HEM ACT prep. 

     Our ACT prep program will help your teen manage the pressure, lower stress and raise those crucial test scores. Before you know it, you’ll be receiving messages from colleges and hearing your son or daughter say three magical words: “I got in!”

Practice, Practice, Practice...

     The next NATIONAL ACT EXAM is June 9th, 2018. This would be a good time for your freshman, sophomore or junior high schooler to take the exam for good measure to see where they are and what they need to work on.


     Prior to taking a prep class, students should be registered to take the ACT exam.  Please do this early because space at the test locations can fill up quickly. This is your responsibility. Our classes are only to prepare the student for these events!


     The site to register is Be encouraged, preparation and practice are the keys to success on the ACT.

As a general rule, students should bring two pencils and a calculator to our prep class. We will provide all other materials and a snack and beverage.

     The ACT organization publishes guidelines for calculators allowed during the test on their website at

Most kids struggle with time management but the more you practice the better your time will be. It is time to continue with your future success plan and it starts with you accomplishing your ACT goal score. If you are planning to attend college, taking the ACT as many times as you can before your senior year is crucial to meeting your goal. 


Please DO NOT PROCRASTINATE the more prepared you are the better your results


Classes begin promptly so students should arrive prior to the scheduled start time. Refunds are not given for students who are tardy and miss class time.  

As always, if you have any questions or just want to discuss your options, I will be glad to talk with you.
We look forward to working with you and your student!

Classes will cover